IAS Gyan

Daily Mains Mini Test


12th September, 2019

Q1.Nation Y is an Island Nation. The dominant religion of the nation is Christianity, there is a practice within Christianity where the priest of Catholic Church holds a session with the disciple/adherent in which the disciple/adherent makes a ‘confession’ of some wrong doing that he/she is involved in, this is done as a means of redemption from the sin incurred by the wrongdoing and also has a cathartic impact upon the disciple, the content of the confession is kept secret by the priest. Under this practice priests of all orders also confess to other priests within the Catholic Church. Recently there has been a controversy within the church whereby some priests have been found guilty of child abuse amounting to molestation, Nation Y has many such cases and it is suspected that the rot is rampant and widespread.

In an attempt to deal with such a situation the Government of Nation Y has recommended the Church authorities to report all the confessions and confessors including the priests who have confessed on being involved in the act of Child Abuse, to law enforcement agencies, so they can be prosecuted.  (20 marks, 250 words)

a)      What are the main dilemmas in the present case? Elaborate

b)     If you were the head of the church, what are your options of response to such a recommendation by the Government?

c)      List the merits and demerits of each option.  

Q2.You have been considered for the post of joint secretary in the government of India through lateral entry. You know that there is considerable difference in the work cultures of the two institutions- Private and Government. (20 Marks, 250 words)

a) What, do you think, will be issues in front of you while working in the government set-up?

b)  How would you tackle these issues?

Q3.You are a Superior Police Official in a district which is notorious for its drug consumption. You have made heavy arrangements within your service to check all cases of drugs being smuggled into the district; for this reason you have also involved private individuals working menial jobs to tip off your department in case a consignment is smuggled through ferry services. One day one of your secret informants who works for a ferry service company owned by Mr ‘K’, calls you and tells you about a consignment that will be shipped via a ferry late at night, you alert your department and conduct a raid on the ferry, but you discover that it was carrying only domestic goods and no drugs were found on board. You call your informant and he tells you that Mr ‘K’ had some information about the raid beforehand and he cancelled the shipping of drugs at the last moment. Suspecting an informant within his team Mr ‘K’ cries foul to the MLA and CM of the state grieving that his reputation had suffered a blow as the event caught substantial media coverage, he starts pressurizing the CM to conduct an inquiry into the false raid so he can get hold of the secret informant. You are summoned by the CM and are asked to disclose the identity of the informant for investigation purposes.  (20 marks, 250 words)

a)      What are the main ethical issues in the case? Elaborate.

b)     How does integrity and probity manifest in this case?

c)      What are your options? Discuss their merits and demerits.