IAS Gyan

Daily Mains Mini Test


11th September, 2019

Q1. Discuss the importance of unorganised sector in the Indian economy. Examine the measures taken by the government to overcome the challenges faced by the unorganized sector in the country.

Q2. In order to ensure the success of food security in India, the three functions of the FCI namely, procurement, distribution and stocking need to be thoroughly revamped for efficiency and effectiveness. Discuss in the light of Shanta Kumar Committee recommendations.

Q3. It has been time and again admitted that the task of reducing the pollution load of River Ganga is daunting. What are the major obstacles with respect to river cleaning projects in India? Critically examine the steps taken by the government in cleaning the Ganga.

Q4. Despite one of the longest coastlines in the world, India’s port facilities and shipping industry are beset by numerous problems. Explain. Discuss some of the corrective measures taken by the government to overcome these problems.

Q5. How are SDGs an improvement over MDGs? What are the challenges that are foreseen in the implementation of SDGs? What are the lessons that India can learn from the progress made on MDGs that could inform and enhance its performance on SDGs?

Q6. Elaborate on the important role that the corporate sector can play in combating disasters with its financial resources, equipment’s and trained workforce.

Q7.  The problem of space debris is a serious one and it can snowball into an irreversible problem very soon if effective measures are not taken in a timely manner. Comment.

Q8. Write a comprehensive note on 5G technology. Discuss its advantages as well as steps needed to be taken to be better prepared to absorb the benefits of 5G technology.

Q9. Any counter-terrorism strategy can succeed only if sources of terrorist funding are blocked by efficient financial regulation. In light of the statement discuss the need for an efficient legal framework to combat terror financing in India and steps taken by the government in this regard.

Q10. Transnational security threats posed by non-state actors in the IOR have considerably risen in recent years. What are the threats and challenges posed by them? Explain the need for cooperation between the States and associated maritime agencies.