IAS Gyan

Daily Mains Mini Test


9th September, 2019

Q1. The Vijaynagar empire contributed to the field of art and architecture in multiple ways. Discuss with the help of illustrations.

Q2. “The Maratha state had the potential to become an alternative to Mughal Empire but its own structure proved to be its biggest impediment”. Examine.

Q3. Differentiate between the moderates and the extremists based on their goals and methods used during the Independence movement.

Q4. Write a comprehensive note on the Bhoodan movement and discuss its potential, and the reasons which led to its failure.  

Q5. In your view, how has the social position of women in Indian society been influenced by long-standing gender stereotypes? Comment.

Q6. Critically examine the role played by the New Deal of F. D. Roosevelt and Hitler’s actions vis-à-vis the World War II, in combating the Great Depression.  

Q7. “Globalization will end up making all cultures of the world homogeneous”. Critically examine the role of globalisation in making all the cultures of the world homogenous. Discuss with the help of examples from socio-cultural and economic life of India.

Q8. The plate tectonics theory has its basis of understanding in the continental drift theory and the sea floor spreading theory. Discuss.

Q9. What are the various factors on which the formation and nature of a soil depends. Explain with the help of examples of Indian soil types.

Q10. Discuss the reasons for suitability of the equatorial regions for plantation agriculture. Explain the possible reasons behind the lumbering industry not being developed properly in these regions.