IAS Gyan

Daily Mains Mini Test


26th October, 2019

Q1 .Narayan is a young man, who is unemployed and resides in a small village. One morning, he is informed by the Village-Pramukh that a dam is proposed to be built on a nearby river. Narayan is told that the construction of the dam would result into the employment of many young men like him and after its completion, the dam would produce hydroelectric power which will further augment the economic development of the region. However, the very next day a village elder, who is a credential environmentalist, convenes a sabha (meeting) of all the villagers and appeals to them to protest against the planned dam. He states that the dam would cause ecological imbalance in the region with repercussions beyond anticipation. To begin with, many species inhabiting the river would become extinct and eventually this entire region would become vulnerable to natural disasters. Thus, he is of the view that dam is not going to bring any economic boon rather it is going to be like a bane. Listening to all this, Narayan is completely disillusioned and does not know who to go for the right advice.

(a) Consider that Narayan comes to you for the advice, what advice will you offer to him?

(b) Do you think the only and major reason for preserving and protecting nature is to protect our own good, or do you feel that we have a moral obligation towards nature because it is intrinsically valuable? Explain your position with due justification.

(c) Do you think animals have rights? Why or why not? If you believe that they do have rights, what are they? Discuss.