IAS Gyan

Daily Mains Mini Test


15th November, 2019

Q1. You have recently been appointed as the District Collector of an impoverished district, which has been witnessing drought for the last couple of years. Corruption at lower levels of bureaucracy has further aggravated the situation. The district also faces the problem of diminishing resources of drinking water. Despite, the gravity of the problem, the response from the central and the state government is lackadaisical. Moreover, the media coverage of the problem is also dismal. To make matters worse, the younger members of the community are migrating in search of work to the urban areas without much success, leaving the elders, women, and children behind to fend for themselves.

(a) As the District Collector what would be your priorities for solving the problem?

(b) How would you tackle the situation?

(c) What long term measures would you take to prevent the future recurrence of the problem?