IAS Gyan

Daily Mains Mini Test


6th December, 2019

Q1. Ayesha is a Medical student, one morning she hires a cab for the College. En route, the cab-driver, Joginder, initiates a conversation with her. He says ‘’ Madam jee, you must be very intelligent since you study in one of the most prestigious Medical Colleges of the Country. Can I seek your advice with regard to a personal matter?’’. Ayesha nods her head in affirmation. Joginder tells her that an Uncle of his, who is a farmer, has come to the city from his native village to donate his kidney to a patient. The uncle says that Doctor has assured him that his health would not be affected at all after the removal of one kidney and that he can lead a normal healthy life and, most importantly, the family of the patient has offered him 10 lakhs rupees for this noble act. The Uncle says that he is completely debt- ridden, he has no money left in the wake of the successive crop failures. Moreover, he has a  daughter to marry and for that he has to arrange huge sum of money to pay as dowry. His Uncle has confessed that, in fact, he was so distressed that, at one point, he was even thinking of committing suicide. But now all his problems would be solved, the amount is so big that post operation not only he would be able to pay back all his debts, but he would be able to marry her daughter and, at the same time, could feel contented for saving a life as well. Thus, the Uncle is convinced that it is a win-win situation for both the parties. However, Joginder states that somehow, he is not comfortable with the idea, firstly, because he feels it will have negative impact on the health of his Uncle and, secondly, he thinks there is something intrinsically wrong because such an act is not going to be an act of donation but it is more like a distress selling of body organ.

(a) Bring out and discuss the ethical issues involved in the above case.

(b) Write a moral critique of the above case.

(C) Do you think Organ donation can be moral? Discuss.