IAS Gyan

Daily Mains Mini Test


5th October, 2019

Q1. Being a straightforward and courageous police officer, you are on a mission to end illegal sand mining in your district. In one of your biggest raids, your team captures hundreds of heavy vehicles involved in illegal sand transportation. On the same night you get a call from a powerful politician who is very close to the chief minister. He virtually controls entire district administration and any action against him is bound to invite punishment of transfer. He initially talks to you with respect requesting you to let go of raided vehicles as they belong to one of his companies. When you politely reject his request, he starts abusing you and threatens you saying there would be severe consequences for you in future. Without furthering the discussion, you tell him again that it’s your part of duty and he should mind his language while talking to a civil servant. This further enrages him. Abusing you further, he tells you that you would get transfer orders tomorrow itself. You have the habit of recording every call you get, and in this case also you have recorded the entire conversation.

Suggest the various options available with good justifications. (300 Words, 25 Marks)