IAS Gyan

Daily Mains Mini Test


26th May, 2023

Your family is living in a low-income urban locality that lacks basic amenities. Due to neglect by the local administration in providing basic supplies, local goons, headed by a family with strong political connections, have established themselves as landlords and patrons. They have provided your family with a place to live in the city, and you feel obligated towards them. However, they are also notorious for criminal activities in the locality, but no one speaks against them. 

One of the members of that particular family is in the fray for the upcoming general elections. He has been vociferously exerting that you people form his primary vote bank as he and his family have played a central role in safeguarding your families and helping you all settle in the city. You know the person is a criminal and do not want to vote for him.
A week before the elections, he comes to your locality and distributes money to each family asking for the vote. It is almost impossible not to take his offered money or deny him your share of the vote on the face. As such, you took the money, but your conscience is not allowing you to either vote or keep the money.
1) Evaluate the options available to you.
2) Choose one of the options with justification. (20 marks, 250 Words)