IAS Gyan

Daily Mains Mini Test


23rd June, 2019

Q1. Home is the first classroom, not in the academic sense but also, as microcosm of the larger world that our child will inhabit. How do we treat each other, is perhaps the most important life lesson we learn at home. Are we polite to one another, do we respect and honour privacy, emotions, differences of opinion?

Each family’s interpretation of what makes a nurturing home will be individual and there is not one blueprint that works for all, however if respect of space and honest engagement based on unconditional lover are at its core, the home can be a strong anchor. It is often said that home is the first school and parents are the first teachers.

(a)    Explain the role of family in inculcating moral values.

(b)   Analyse how the changing nature of family has affected this role in the context of India.