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Yellow Gold 48  

22nd July, 2021 Agriculture


  • Last month, German agrochemicals major Bayer commercially launched first-ever yellow watermelon variety called “Yellow Gold 48” in India.

About Yellow Watermelon

  • Yellow watermelon has been developed from superior germplasm.
  • It has dark green rind with slight stripes and orange yellow flesh colour. Average weight of the fruit is 2.5 -3 kg.
  • Yellow Gold 48 have enhanced yield potential, better disease & pest tolerance and higher returns which can benefit watermelon growers.
  • Yellow Gold 48 variety is best suited for cultivation during October to February.
  • Harvest can be done from April onwards.



  • Yellow Gold 48 is having high yield and income potential that will empower watermelon growers to diversify into new categories.
  • It will also help in growing demand for exotic fruits.