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22nd March, 2024 Environment


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Picture Courtesy: https://www.hindustantimes.com/lifestyle/art-culture/world-sparrow-day-2024-date-history-significance-and-everything-that-you-need-to-know-101710830364551.html

Context: World Sparrow Day is an annual event held annually on 20th March to raise awareness about the value of sparrows to the ecosystem.

Key Points

  • World Sparrow Day aims to highlight the role of sparrows in biodiversity and ecological balance. It is designed to inform people about the importance of these birds to the ecosystem and biodiversity.
  • The theme for World Sparrow Day 2024 is “Sparrows: Give them a tweet-chance!”, “I Love Sparrows” and “We Love Sparrows”.


●The first World Sparrow Day was celebrated on March 20, 2010, initiated by The Nature Forever Society in India. 

●The Nature Forever Society was founded by Indian conservationist Mohammed Dilawar, who began efforts to protect sparrow populations in Nasik.


  • Sparrows are essential for ecosystems, contributing to biodiversity and plant growth, and resulting in healthier environments. However, their population has declined significantly over time, adversely affecting ecosystems. Thus, spreading awareness about the importance of sparrows and strategies to maintain their population is important.


Q. Which of the following describes the role of the sparrow in our ecosystem:

1. Seed Dispersal

2. Insect Control

3. Pollination

4. Indicator Species

Select the correct code:

A) Only one

B) Only two

C) Only three

D) All four

Answer: D