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18th March, 2024 International News


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Picture Courtesy: https://www.wmf.org/world-monuments-relief-fund

Context: The Kazhuveli watershed in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, is suggested by conservationists for inclusion in World Monuments Fund Watch 2025 due to its historic Eri network that supported agriculture but is currently in decline and needs immediate protection.


  • Conservationists are recommending that the Kazhuveli watershed region in Tamil Nadu, be added to the World Monuments Fund Watch 2025 project.
  • The region is home to an ancient network of tanks known as 'Eris', which has supported agricultural operations for centuries. However, the Eri network is gradually deteriorating, demanding immediate protection and conservation measures.

Significance of the World Monuments Fund Watch 2025 Programme

  • The Watch 2025 programme is a nomination-based initiative designed to link local heritage preservation efforts with worldwide awareness and action.
  • It highlights locations in need of preservation and mobilises support for their protection, addressing critical issues like cultural heritage and environmental sustainability.

World Monuments Fund (WMF)

●The World Monuments Fund (WMF) is a private, worldwide non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting historic architectural and cultural heritage sites all over the world.

●WMF, founded in 1965 and headquartered in New York City, has a rich history and continues to preserve cultural assets for future generations.

●WMF partners with local communities and governments to preserve historically significant sites through donations and matching funds.

Proposed Nominations and Project Initiatives

  • Cultural heritage experts and environmental activists are pushing the effort to include the Kazhuveli watershed basin in the Watch 2025 nomination list.
  • The nomination intends to restore and safeguard the ancient Eri network and its associated cultural legacy to maintain the region's ecological balance.
  • If successful, pilot initiatives will be launched in Munnur village to create a heritage toolbox that may be used throughout the watershed and beyond. These projects will involve reconnecting communities with their heritage and collaborating with local experts to improve water resilience in the face of climate change concerns.


  • The proposal to include the Kazhuveli watershed region in the World Monuments Fund Watch 2025 programme is a crucial step towards protecting and revitalising the ancient Eri network and its accompanying cultural treasures. Conservationists hope to protect this unique ecosystem and preserve its long-term viability through coordinated efforts and community involvement.


Q. The primary objective of nominating the Kazhuveli watershed region for the World Monuments Fund Watch 2025 is to:

A) Highlight a unique network of ancient temples.

B) Increase awareness of a diminishing traditional water management system.

C) Seek financing to modernise irrigation practices in the region.

D) Highlight the difficulties encountered by endangered animal species.

Answer: B