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6th October, 2023 Security

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  • The Indian defense establishment is taking significant strides to enhance its air defense capabilities through the procurement of 30 units of the indigenous Very Short-Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) missile system.
  • This marks a transition from the prototype stage to full-fledged industrial production, reflecting India's pursuit of self-reliance in defense technology.


Development cum Production Partner (DcPP) Policy

  • The procurement of VSHORAD missiles falls under the Development cum Production Partner (DcPP) policy, a strategic approach devised by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).
  • Under this policy, DRDO leads the design phase and provides technical specifications to private or public sector industries for prototype development.

Advanced Technology for Short-Range Aerial Threats

  • The VSHORAD missile system is a Man Portable Air Defence System (MANPAD) designed to counter low-altitude aerial threats over short distances.
  • It incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including a miniaturized Reaction Control System (RCS) and integrated avionics, which have demonstrated exceptional performance during testing.

Key Features of VSHORAD

  • Dual-Thrust Solid Motor: The missile is powered by a dual-thrust solid motor, ensuring remarkable agility and precision when targeting airborne threats.
  • Optimized Design: The missile's entire design, including its launcher, has been meticulously optimized for ease of portability, a crucial element for effective deployment in various scenarios.

Strengthening India's Air Defense

  • The procurement tender for VSHORAD missiles represents a significant milestone in India's efforts to bolster its air defense capabilities, particularly against short-range aerial threats.
  • This underscores India's commitment to self-sufficiency in defense technology, reducing reliance on foreign imports and enhancing its security infrastructure.

Usage in the Indian Army

  • VSHORAD missile systems are primarily used by the Indian Army to provide short-range air defense capabilities.
  • These systems protect ground forces and critical assets from aerial threats, including helicopters and low-flying aircraft.


As India continues to invest in indigenous defense projects, it solidifies its position as a regional powerhouse with the capacity to safeguard its airspace effectively. The VSHORAD missile system represents another stride towards a more secure and self-reliant India on the global stage.





Q.   What does VSHORAD stand for in the context of Indian defense?

A) Very Short-Range Air Deployment

B) Versatile Short-Range Attack Device

C) Very Short-Range Air Defence

D) Vigilant Shield for Homeland Airspace

Answer: C)