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3rd December, 2021 Modern history

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  • Central Information Commissioner (CIC) Uday Mahurkar said the era of V D Savarkar, known as the architect of Hindutva ideology, has already set in in India and that his personality is above Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian honour.



  • He was an Indian independence activist and politician who formulated the Hindu nationalist philosophy of Hindutva.
  • He was a leading personality in the Hindu Mahasabha.
  • Savarkar was deeply influenced by the 19th-century Italian revolutionary, Giuseppe Mazzini.
  • Savarkar framed his secret societies, Mitra Mela and Abhinav Bharat society on Mazzini's model of "Young Italy"
  • He and his brother founded a secret society called Abhinav Bharat Society.
  • He wrote the “The Indian War of Independence” book about the Indian rebellion of 1857 that was banned by the British authorities.