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University examination guidelines that score low

18th July, 2020 Editorial


  • UGC (University Grant Commission) has issued guidelines to conduct final year examination.
  • Provided blended method: Online or Pen and Paper or Both of them.
  • Approval has been given by the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • Can be postponed until the end of September 2020, but must be conducted in either online or offline mode.
  • Students who are appearing in backlog papers have to give “compulsory” examinations.

Reasons behind guidelines:

  • Decision has been taken keeping in view the future of the students — jobs and higher education.
  • In any education model, assessment is one of the most important Performance in exams gives students self-confidence and satisfaction.
  • As many as 194 universities have already conducted their final-year exams.
  • Students not being able to appear now can take special exams in September.

Criticism of the Move:

  • Challenges to Cooperative federalism: Many State Governments like Rajasthan, Haryana and Maharashtra had already cancelled examinations for final-year student.
  • Creates fresh uncertainty for states.
  • Confusion among the Parents and students.
  • Spread of Virus: A number of State Governments are enforcing periodic lockdowns to prevent the spread of the disease. Hence, difficult to conduct the exams.
  • Exams itself can become the super spreader.
  • What if the virus does not subside by September end, then, exams will further needs to be postponed creating more confusion.
  • On the other hand, if the UGC shifts the mode to online then, it will be discriminatory for students belonging to poor class.
  • UGC does not understand the basics of Choice based credit system: It is treating final year exams as exit exams having more weightage. However, it is not true in Choice based credit system.
  • Since, Corona virus has already affected the learning process, students cannot be held to appear in the exams.
  • Already the premier institutions have cancelled the exams and evaluated the students based on marks in internal assessment.



  • The UGC is a statutory organization established by an Act of parliament in 1956.
  • This is the national body for the coordination, determination and the maintenance of standards of university education.
  • UGC serves as a vital link between the union and state governments and the institutions of higher learning.
  • Motto : Gyan-Vigyan Vimuktaye (Knowledge Liberates)


  • Provides grants to the university and colleges.
  • UGC also advice union and state governments on the measures necessary for the improvement of university education. 
  • It also forms regulation such as those on the minimum standards of instruction and qualification of teachers.
  • Curriculum development committee (CDC) on the library and information science.
  • Establishment of National information centre.
  • Establishment of INFLIBNET.
  • Modernization of University library.
  • National review committee on university and college libraries.
  • Conducts examinations like NET, JRF, and SRF

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