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Two more butterfly species recorded at conservatory

15th November, 2020 Ecology and Biodiversity

Context: Two more butterfly species have been recorded at the Tropical Butterfly Conservatory at Srirangam here taking the total tally of species recorded so far to 120 now.

  • The 119th species was the Black Spotted Pierrot. The 120th species recorded a few days ago was the Common Snow Flat. These species had been recorded in the western ghats and in the eastern ghats but was rare in the plains.


Fig 1: Black Spotted Pierrot butterfly                                                            Fig 2: Common Snow Flat butterfly


  • The number of butterfly species had been steadily increasing at the conservatory ever since it was opened five years ago in 2015.
  • Butterflies are bio-indicators of a healthy ecosystem and play an important role in the food chain.