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26th February, 2024 Security


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Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled the newly modernised Tupolev Tu-160M nuclear-capable strategic bomber at Kazan Aviation Plant.


Supersonic Strategic Bomber

  • The Tupolev Tu-160M is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing strategic bomber developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It remains one of the largest and heaviest combat aircraft ever built.

NATO Reporting Name:

  • NATO reporting name for the Tu-160M is "" This name reflects its role as a strategic bomber in the Soviet and later Russian Air Forces.

Long Range:

  • The Tu-160M has an impressive maximum range of over 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) without refueling, allowing it to conduct long-range missions deep into enemy territory.

Heavy Payload:

  • It is capable of carrying a wide range of weapons, including conventional and nuclear bombs, cruise missiles, and strategic standoff missiles. Its payload capacity exceeds 40,000 kilograms (88,000 pounds).

Supersonic Speed:

  • With a maximum speed exceeding Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound), the Tu-160M is one of the fastest bombers in the world. This allows it to quickly penetrate enemy defenses and deliver its payload.


  • The Tu-160M variant underwent modernization programs to enhance its combat capabilities. Upgrades include improvements in avionics, radar systems, and integration of new weapons.

Strategic Deterrence:

  • It plays a crucial role in Russia's nuclear triad, serving as a key component of its strategic deterrence posture. The Tu-160M, along with other strategic bombers and ballistic missile submarines, ensures Russia's ability to retaliate against any potential aggressor.

Operational Service:

  • While the original Tu-160 entered service in the 1980s, the Tu-160M variant represents the modernized version currently in operation with the Russian Aerospace Forces. It continues to serve as a vital asset in Russia's military arsenal.


The Tupolev Tu-160M is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing strategic bomber associated with which of the following country?

  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. Japan
  4. France

Answer A