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Tankai Method

20th July, 2023 History

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  • A new agreement has been signed by Indian Navy with Ministry of culture to revive/rejuvenate 2,000-Year-Old Shipbuilding Technique and construction of the stitched ship.
  • This technique is also known as Tankai' method or the "stitched shipbuilding method.

Other Details

  • On July 18 the MoU was signed.
  • The project implementation and execution will be overseen by Indian Navy.
  • The navy will adhere to the highest standards of safety and precision, which will result into an effective, efficient and seamless project management.
  • An ocean-going wooden stitched sail ship will be constructed using this ancient Indian art of Tankai.


  • The art holds significant cultural value and is slowly fading.
  • For preservation of cultural heritage and knowledge for future generations.
  • It has historical importance and the centuries old traditional craftsmanship regarding India’s ancient seafaring traditions needs to be preserved.
  • It will showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of traditional shipwrights.
  • It is aimed to understand the interaction of ancient India with other part of the world in terms of trade, cultural, knowledge, technology exchanges.
  • This agreement is aimed to glorify and revive the ancient maritime memory.
  • A sense of pride is supposed to be instilled in India's rich maritime heritage.
  • It will also seek to strengthen relationships with littoral countries of Indian Ocean by promoting cultural memories.

Stitched ship

  • The stitched ship is made by stitching wooden planks
  • These ships are more durable as nails are not used.
  • Also these ships are caused less damage due to shoals and sandbars.
  • From thousands of years they contributed to trade, cultural exchange, and exploration.

Why it faded?

  • Arrival of European ships in India changed the techniques of shipbuilding.
  • Traditional arts were discouraged by Europeans, particularly british, in General.
  • Availability of more sophisticated techniques of shipbuilding.
  • Neglect of Indian government towards Tankai.
  • However this art is still practiced in a few coastal regions of India, mainly for small local fishing boats.

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Tankai method of shipbuilding facilitated India's trade, cultural, knowledge, technology exchanges across globe. Elaborate. Also mention the significance of preservation of this shipbuilding art in context of recent agreement signed between Indian Navy and Ministry of Culture. (250 Words)