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3rd December, 2021 Culture and Heritage

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  • The Sumi tribe of Nagas uses several ecological indicators to facilitate agricultural practices and predict seasonal variation; but this wisdom is vanishing with the passage of time




  • The 'Sümi Naga' are the major ethnic group among nagas in Nagaland.
  • There are also seven Sümi villages in Tinsukia District of Assam.
  • The Sümis practised headhunting like other Naga peoples before the arrival of the Christian missionaries and their subsequent conversion to Christianity.
  • Anthropological study of the Sümis is documented in the book The Sema Nagas by J. H. Hutton, who was a Professor of Social Anthropology in the University of Cambridge.
  • The Sümi is one of the recognised scheduled tribes of India.
  • The ancestral religion of the Sümis was the worship of nature.
  • Tuluni is a festival of great significance for the Sümi.
  • Ahuna is a traditional post-harvest festival of the Sümis.
  • Ahuna signifies the celebration of the season's harvest in Thanksgiving,