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Status of nuclear energy in India

21st July, 2023 Environment

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  • A union minister of current government, Dr Jitendra Singh, informed parliament about the nuclear power capacity and its growth potential.
  • It is estimated to reach 22.48 GB in 2031 from current installed capacity of 7.48 GW.

Other Details

  • In 2021 too, the government stated in the Parliament that nuclear power generation capacity would increase to 22,480 MW by 2031.

Total Nuclear power Installed capacity in India

  • In India, there are 23 nuclear power reactors with 7480 MW installed capacity.
  • The total contribution of nuclear power in electricity generation in the country was about 2.8% in the year 2022-23.
  • A total of 46,982 Million Units of electricity was generated by nuclear power reactors in year 2022-23.

Statewise Nuclear power Installed capacity in India

  • Maharashtra – 1400 MW
  • Rajasthan – 1180 MW
  • Tamilnadu – 2440 MW
  • Uttar Pradesh – 440 MW
  • Gujarat – 1140 MW
  • Karnataka – 880 MW

Process Diagram

Suggestion to promote nuclear power

  • Private investments are necessary for completing targets for nuclear power generating capacity.
  • The capital cost of a PHW nuclear power plant should be made lower.
  • Unique risks like natural disasters, terrorist attacks, nuclear proliferation problems etc. to be addressed for invoking/generating trust in potential investors.
  • A longer time of Project, delay, cost overruns should be minimized and the overall project management to be made more efficient.
  • More progressive completion of projects under construction.
  • Also more in principle approval should be provided for the setting up of new nuclear reactors.

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