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18th January, 2024 Art & Culture


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The Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed darshan and puja at Shree Ramaswami Temple in Thriprayar, Kerala.


Location and Deity

  • Situated in Triprayar, Thrissur district, Kerala, India.
  • Presiding deity: Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu.
  • Idol with four arms, bearing a conch, a discus, a bow, and a garland.

Associated Shrines

  • Other shrines include Shiva as Dakshinamoorthy, Ganesha, Shastha, and Krishna.
  • Worship for Hanuman and Chathan enhances the spiritual ambiance.

Historical and Cultural Significance

  • Chief deity of the Arattupuzha Pooram, contributing to the cultural tapestry.
  • Idol believed to be worshipped by Krishna in Dvaraka, adding historical importance.
  • First of the four temples dedicated to the sons of King Dasharatha – part of the Nalambalam pilgrimage.

Location and Waterways

  • Situated on the bank of the Karuvannur river (Theevra river in Thriprayar).
  • Part of the Canoli Canal, connecting Kozhikode and Kodungallur.

Annual Festival - Sethubandhan

  • Celebrated annually on "Thiruvonam" day in the Malayalam month "Kanni" (October – November).
  • Commemorates Sethubandhan (Rama Setu) in memory of the bridge-building incident.

Ownership and Administration

  • Originally owned by three Nambudiri families - Cheloor Mana, Janappilly Mana, and Punnappilly Mana.
  • Currently administered by the Cochin Devaswom Board.
  • Heads of the three families serve as Ooralans, participating in rituals and festivals.

Literary Connection

  • Associated with the poet Sarala Das, the "Adikavi" in Odia literature.
  • Known for his literary masterpiece "Utkala Bhagavata."

Pilgrimage Importance

  • Worship at Thriprayar temple, along with other Nalambalams, considered auspicious during a specific day in the Malayalam month of Karkadakam.


Q. Thriprayar Shree Ramaswami Temple, known for its cultural and historical significance, is situated on the bank of which river in Kerala?

(a) Pamba River

(b) Karuvannur River

(c) Bharathapuzha River

(d) Periyar River