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21st August, 2023 Geography

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The efforts and initiatives of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, specifically focusing on the district of Kishtwar.


  • Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha announced plans to auction Sapphire mines in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The objective is to boost the local economy and contribute significantly to the Union Territory's growth.

Scientific Auction Approach

  • The Sapphire mines will be auctioned using a scientific method within the next year.
  • This approach aims to ensure transparency and efficiency in the auction process.

Major Contributor to Growth

  • The auctioned Sapphire mines are expected to become a major contributor to the Union Territory's economic growth.
  • This move aligns with the goal of leveraging local resources for overall development.

Visit to Kishtwar and Shrine Obeisance

  • Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha visited Kishtwar recently.
  • During his visit, he assessed the facilities provided to pilgrims and engaged with local residents.
  • The LG paid obeisance at the holy Shri Chandi Mata Machail shrine.
  • This underscores the cultural and spiritual significance of the region.

Focus on Holistic Development

  • The LG addressed PRIs (Panchayati Raj Institutions) representatives and citizens at Gulabgarh.
  • He shared the Union Territory Administration's efforts for the holistic development of Kishtwar district.
  • The administration is committed to ensuring equitable development.
  • The goal is to meet the needs of all communities and prevent any section of society from being left behind.

Development Initiatives and Achievements

  • Over the past three years, the Government has taken numerous steps to address Kishtwar's concerns.
  • These include expanding employment opportunities and enhancing connectivity in rural areas.
  • Notable achievements include the revival of a Cinema theater, improved road and communication connectivity, enhanced power infrastructure, and better health, sports, and education facilities.
  • These initiatives demonstrate the administration's commitment to elevating the living standards of Kishtwar's residents.

Call for Participation and Youth Involvement

  • The LG urged PRIs and citizens to actively participate in the implementation of UT Administration initiatives.
  • This collective effort is crucial for advancing Kishtwar's development.
  • The LG encouraged the district's youth to utilize the benefits and incentives provided under homestay schemes of the Government.
  • This highlights opportunities for youth empowerment and engagement.


Q) Which of the following is the most common mining environment for sapphires?

(A) Open pit mines

(B) Shallow pit mines

(C) Gem gravel mines

(D) Kimberlite pipes

Answer: C