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Rural Wages

1st December, 2021 Economy

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  • A rural worker (men in the non-agricultural segment) in Kerala earned an average of Rs 677.6 daily for 2020-21, according to statistics released by the Reserve Bank of India.



  • Rural workers in Kerala earn way more than their counterparts in more developed states like Gujarat and Maharashtra and over double the national average.
  • While the national average is Rs 315.3, in Maharashtra, considered as the most industrialised state and a leading producer of farm products, a rural worker earns just Rs 262.3.
  • In Gujarat, considered a role model for development and industrialisation, a rural worker got Rs 239.3 during the year.
  • While Uttar Pradesh’s rural worker gets Rs 286.8, a rural worker in Bihar gets an average of Rs 289.3 daily. 
  • Rural daily wage in 15 of 20 states are below the All-India average, indicating that consumption trend across the country could be in line with the movement daily wages.