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15th December, 2023 Polity


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Context: Following a recent incident where a visitor breached the Lok Sabha chamber, visitor entry has been put on hold without any official statement. This indicates increased security worries and possible future changes in the screening process.


  • The recent incident of someone jumping into the Lok Sabha chamber prompted the suspension of visitor entry, although no official communication about the suspension was made. The Opposition is demanding action regarding this security breach.
  • This incident is likely to prompt a review of security measures and may lead to the strengthening of protocols to prevent similar breaches in the future. The suspension of visitor entry is a precautionary measure until further actions are taken to enhance security and ensure strict adherence to established protocols.

Rules for Admission of Visitors

Governing Rules

  • The admission, withdrawal, and removal of visitors are regulated by Rules 386 and 387 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Lok Sabha. The Speaker has the authority to make orders regarding the admission of strangers during House sittings 

Entry Process

  • Members can apply for visitor cards for individuals they personally know. The member must provide a certificate asserting their relationship with the visitor and take full responsibility for them.

Pass Issuance

  • Visitor cards are usually issued for a specific day and fixed hours. In exceptional cases, two cards can be issued. There's a provision for same-day issuance under emergent situations with certain limitations.

Gallery Types

  • There are public and Speaker's galleries in the Lok Sabha. Members can facilitate entry for a limited number of individuals in each gallery. However, stricter vetting is required for the Speaker's gallery.

Security Measures

  • All visitors go through thorough security checks, including frisking using metal detectors. Visitor cards are cross-checked against approved lists.
  • Security staff within the galleries maintain a strict vigil to ensure visitors maintain decorum. Guidelines outline specific protocols for behaviour within the gallery, including maintaining silence and not causing disturbances.

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  • The rules and security measures are in place to maintain order and prevent disruptions in parliamentary proceedings, and any breach of these rules is treated seriously.


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