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25th April, 2024 Security


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  • India successfully tests new 250 km strike range ROCKS missile.

ROCKS missile:

  • The missile is also referred to as Crystal Maze 2.
  • Missile was developed by Israel.
  • It is designed for precision strikes on high-value targets.
  • It is an air-launched medium-range ballistic missile that is capable of hitting targets at a distance exceeding 250 km.
  • It was launched from Su-30 MKI jet in Andaman.
  • The missile can target long-range radar and air defense systems.
  • This missile is capable of engaging heavily fortified positions from long distances, ensuring minimal collateral damage.
  • It is renowned for its accuracy and reliability in combat scenarios, making it a preferred choice for missions requiring surgical precision.
  • It operates effectively in GPS-denied areas and can breach regions secured by air defense systems. This system allows for the choice between penetration or blast fragmentation warheads, making it suitable for targeting both surface and heavily fortified underground facilities.
  • The missile’s integration into various platforms enhances its operational flexibility and effectiveness in diverse combat environments.
  • Currently, India is developing it under the Make in India campaign.




Q) Which of the following statements regarding the ROCKS missile is true?

1)  It is a medium-range ballistic missile.

2) It was developed by Russia.

3) The missile primarily targets naval vessels.

4) It operates effectively in GPS-denied areas.

How many of the above statement(s) is/are correct?

Correct answer: d)

Statement 1 is incorrect:

It is an air-launched medium-range ballistic missile that is capable of hitting targets at a distance exceeding 250 km.

Statement 2 is incorrect:

The ROCKS missile was solely developed by Israel. While India is involved in the integration and deployment of the missile, the development itself was led by Israel.

Statement 3 is incorrect:

The primary targets of the ROCKS missile are high-value land-based assets, such as enemy command centers, military installations, and strategic infrastructure. While the missile could potentially be used against naval vessels in certain scenarios, its design and capabilities are optimized for precision strikes on land targets.

Statement 4 is correct:

The ROCKS missile is equipped with advanced navigation and guidance systems that allow it to operate effectively even in GPS-denied environments. This capability is essential for ensuring the missile's accuracy and reliability in combat scenarios where GPS signals may be jammed or denied by adversaries.