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Railways deploys ‘Ninjas’ for surveillance

19th August, 2020 Economy

Context: The Railways has introduced a drone-based surveillance system to enhance security at railway stations, tracks and workshops.

  • Eye in the Sky: Improving Surveillance System, Railways has recently procured Ninja Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAV]. With real-time tracking, video streaming & automatic fail-safe mode, the drones will enhance monitoring of the railway assets and ensure additional safety for passengers.
  • Additionally, 17 more drones are planned for purchase at an estimated ₹97.52 lakh.

Use of Drone Technology:

  • Drone surveillance technology has emerged as an important and cost effective tool for security surveillance over large areas with limited manpower.
  • It can be used to launch surveillance on criminal and anti-social activities like gambling, throwing of garbage, hawking etc in Railway premises.
  • It may be deployed for analysis of data collected, which may prove to be extremely useful in vulnerable sections for safe operations of trains.
  • In addition, these drones can also be utilised at disaster sites for helping in rescue, recovery, restoration and coordinating efforts of various agencies as well as mapping of railway assets to assess encroachments.
  • A drone camera can cover a large area, which requires 8-10 RPF personnel.