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15th May, 2024 Polity


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Context: The Election Commission explained delays in final voter turnout updates due to data verification and remote polling station logistics.

Process of Declaring Voter Turnouts

ENCORE System and Data Entry

  • The Election Commission of India (ECI) uses the ENCORE (Enabling Communications on Real-time Environment) module to manage and monitor voter turnout data during elections.
  • On polling day, Returning Officers (ROs) or Assistant Returning Officers (AROs) enter estimated poll percentages at designated time slots (9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM, 7 PM) into the ENCORE Portal.
  • The ENCORE Portal allows election officers at various levels (ECI, State, District, Constituency) to monitor and aggregate the entered data in real time. This enables the calculation of district and state-wise poll percentages throughout the polling day.

After polling concludes, detailed turnout reports are entered into the system. These reports include constituency-wise and polling station-wise voter turnout data, distinguishing between male, female, and third-gender voters against the total number of electors.

Allegations by Political Parties

  • Concern raised about the significant increase in voter turnout figures between the initial estimates and the final figures released by the ECI after polling.

ECI's Response to Allegations

  • The ECI clarified that the initial turnout figures were preliminary estimates, subject to updates based on late submissions of data by ROs and AROs. The final figures incorporate all submitted data, including postal ballots, which are counted separately on the day of counting (June 4).

Role of Form 17C

  • Final voter turnout data for each polling station is shared through Form 17C with all polling agents. Form 17C contains detailed information on the number of electors, voters, and other key metrics, serving as the official record of turnout figures.
  • The ECI highlighted the rigorous verification and collation process, especially from remote polling stations, which may contribute to delays in releasing final turnout figures.
  • Form 17C holds legal significance as it serves as the basis for election petitions and result verification. It ensures transparency and accountability in the electoral process by providing accurate and detailed data to candidates and stakeholders.
  • Activists advocate for making Form 17C data public to promote transparency and enable candidates to verify election results independently.


  • The process of declaring voter turnouts involves systematic data entry, aggregation, verification, and dissemination using advanced technological tools like the ENCORE system. The ECI's response addresses concerns about discrepancies in turnout figures, emphasising the importance of accurate data collection and transparency in electoral processes. Efforts are made to ensure that final turnout figures are comprehensive, inclusive of all data sources, and accessible to stakeholders for scrutiny and verification.


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Q.  What is the ENCORE system that is currently in the news?

A) A new satellite launched by NASA

B) An advanced cybersecurity software

C) A voting technology platform

D) A climate change monitoring tool

Answer: C