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24th June, 2023 International Relations

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Context: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech to the US Congress.


The following are the key takeaways from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech to the US Congress.

The Indian American diaspora:

  • Acknowledged the value and contributions of the Indian American diaspora.
  • Mentioned the "Samosa caucus" and celebrated the diversity of Indian cuisine.

The politics and the polarization, but nation first:

  • Emphasized the importance of speaking in one voice for the country's interests.
  • Referred to the need for unity despite internal differences.

A big shoutout to democracy and its value:

  • Highlighted the significance of democracy and its spirit of equality and dignity.
  • Paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. for their contributions to liberty and justice.

75 years of independence:

  • Explored the journey of India's freedom after foreign rule.
  • Celebrated the diversity, social empowerment, competitiveness, and unity of India.

Showcasing diversity:

  • Highlighted India's diversity with multiple political parties, languages, dialects, and cultural practices.
  • Stressed that India embraces all faiths and considers diversity a way of life.

Showed them the economic opportunity and the scale:

  • Showcased India's economic growth, ranking as the fifth-largest economy, and projected to become the third-largest soon.
  • Highlighted infrastructure development, national health insurance, financial inclusion, and technological advancements.

Women's empowerment:

  • Acknowledged the leadership of women in shaping India's future.
  • Recognized women's contributions in the armed forces, aviation, and space programs.
  • Emphasized the importance of empowering women for national transformation.

Youth and tech:

  • Praised the Indian youth for leading the technology revolution.
  • Mentioned achievements in mobile payments, data science, and quantum computing.

Care for the environment:

  • Expressed deep respect for the environment and India's commitment to sustainability.
  • Highlighted India's achievement of meeting its Paris Agreement commitments.

World is one family:

  • Emphasized India's willingness to share and provide assistance during disasters.
  • Mentioned contributions in various fields such as yoga, agriculture, vaccines, and peacekeeping.

US's place in India's scheme of things:

  • Stressed the importance of the India-US relationship.
  • Discussed collaboration in space, semiconductors, farming, AI, energy, education, healthcare, and humanitarian efforts.
  • Highlighted the mutual benefits and economic growth resulting from bilateral cooperation.

The Ukraine conflict:

  • Addressed the disruptive developments and conflict in Ukraine.
  • Advocated for peaceful resolutions, respect for sovereignty, and stopping bloodshed


Q) Discuss the significance and impact of Indian Prime Minister's address to the US Congress on India-US relations and global diplomacy. (150 words)