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New marine ornamental shrimp species discovered in Lakshadweep

14th November, 2020 Ecology and Biodiversity

Context: Scientists from the National Bureau of Fish Genetics Resources have discovered new varieties of ornamental shrimp in the Lakshadweep coral reef environment, which will be a boon for the growing ornamental fish industry in the country.

  • The ornamental shrimp industry could gain substantially from the discovery.
  • At present, an ornamental shrimp costs about ₹1,000 a pie
  • The move now is to reduce the cost to spread the culture of ornamental shrimp keeping.
  • Both conservation of the species and livelihood can be ensured by relying on steady supplies.
  • Twenty women from Agatti on the Lakshadweep islands are being provided training now in rearing the new species so that they will be able to establish backyard units for supplies in the future.
  • At present, the marine ornamental trade is worth around 362 million dollars and its value is increasing at an average rate of 14% a year.