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New butterfly species seen in Visakhapatnam district

30th October, 2020 Biodiversity

Context: Study conducted in Eastern Ghats over a period of time document butterflies of Visakhapatnam district, it would enhance upon butterfly species never before recorded in the region.

New species

  • The newly recorded species from Visakhapatnam region include African marbled skipper, tree flitter, chestnut angle, chestnut bob, fluffy tit, colour sergeant and double banded crow.
  • Among the recent finds, three species fall under the protected (Schedule) category of Wildlife Protection Act (1972). These are the marbled map, orange tail awl and tree flitter.
  • Protected under Schedule II of Wildlife Protection Act, the marbled map or Cyrestis cocles, for instance, is listed as a ‘rare’ butterfly species confined to the hilly forests in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bhutan and Myanmar.

 ‘Little research’

  • Butterflies are a very good indicator to judge how sound the biodiversity and ecology of the area is.
  • “The Eastern Ghats has been drawing a good number of researchers in the recent past.