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19th July, 2021 Science and Technology


  • Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras have developed an Artificial Intelligence-based mathematical model called NBDriver (neighbourhood driver) to identify cancer-causing alterations in cells.



  • In this study, the main goal was to discover patterns in the DNA sequences -- made up of four letters, or bases, A, T, G and C surrounding a particular site of alteration.
  • The underlying hypothesis was that these patterns would be unique to individual types of mutations -- drivers and passengers.


Driver Mutation

  • A driver mutation is an alteration that gives a cancer cell a fundamental growth advantage for its neoplastic transformation.


Passenger mutations

  • Passenger mutations can be defined as mutations that do not directly drive cancer initiation and progression, as opposed to driver mutations, such as mutations in oncogenes, TSGs or repair genes.


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