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NATGRID to have access to database that links around 14,000 police stations

13th July, 2020 Security


  • The National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) to access the centralised online database on FIRs and stolen vehicles.


  • Will give NATGRID access to the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) database.
  • If the MoU infringes on the federal system of the Constitution, since the NCRB under the Union government is only a repository and the data pertaining to FIRs of a particular police station are a State subject: does not violate any legal provisions as FIRs are shared with all the police stations.
  • Enables the NATGRID to get information about details of a suspect as mentioned in the FIR such as his/her father’s name, telephone number and other details.
  • The State police will not be part of NATGRID and they could directly contact the airlines or railways for information.

Development of the Project:

  • NATGRID was exempted from the Right to Information Act, 2005 under sub-section (2) of Section 24.
  • Against 119 sanctioned government posts, a total of 53 officers are presently in position. Against 123 contractual posts, 21 consultants have been deployed.
  • Physical infrastructure is planned to be completed by March 31 next year and “IT Solution to go live by 31.12.2020.

About Natgrid:

  • The NATGRID links intelligence and investigation agencies.
  • The 10 user agencies will be linked independently with certain databases, which will be procured from 21 providing organisations including telecom, tax records, bank, immigration etc. to generate intelligence inputs.

Need of Natgrid:

  • Natgrid will decline the use of coercive methods in Police interrogation. Investigation will be done in intelligent manner.
  • It will drastically decline the cases of imprisonment of innocent.
  • Investigation of enforcement agencies will be preventive in nature than reactive. Many frauds of economic nature can be curtailed by studying the developed pattern.
  • Natgrid would also help the Intelligence Bureau keep a tab on persons with suspicious backgrounds.
  • Well-formulated database will allow curtailing the terror framework in India. It will be effective in countering ecosystem of terrorism.
  • The idea is to collate and analyze vital data to get the complete view of a situation.
  • Nat Grid will tackle the problem of poor coordination mechanism regarding data transfer from one agency to another agency.
  • Due to federal nature of government, the coordination at centre and states level is also lacking and in the case of any emergency, the response mechanism is not effective. Here too, Nat Grid will be useful.

Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS):

  • Project initiated in June 2009.

  • Aims at creating a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of policing at the Police Station level.
  • Will interconnect about 15000 Police Stations and additional 5000 offices of supervisory police officers across the country.
  • Digitize data related to FIR registration, investigation and charge sheets in all Police Stations.