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18th November, 2022 Polity and Governance

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  • A district court in New Delhi has allowed the Police to conduct a narco test on an accused of killing his live-in partner.

Narco Test

  • In a ‘narco’ or narcoanalysis test, a drug called sodium pentothal is injected into the body of the accused, which transports them to a hypnotic or sedated state, in which their imagination is neutralized.
    • Sodium pentothal or sodium thiopental is a fast-acting, short-duration anaesthetic, which is used in larger doses to sedate patients during surgery. It acts on the central nervous system.
  • In this hypnotic state, the accused is understood as incapable of lying and is expected to reveal information that is true.
    • It is sometimes referred to as a “truth serum”.
  • Investigating agencies use the tests in the investigation, which are seen as being a “softer alternative” to torture or “third degree” to extract the truth from suspects. However, the method has not been proven scientifically to have a 100% success rate.
  • If any information or material is subsequently discovered with the help of the test; the statement of the accused will not be treated as evidence, but the physical evidence will be treated as such.