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19th February, 2024 International News


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Context: The Munich Security Conference (MSC) 2024, which took place from February 16 to 18, 2024, was a significant event that brought together world leaders, policymakers, and security experts to discuss the most pressing international security challenges.

Munich Security Conference (MSC)

  • It is an annual gathering of world leaders, policymakers, diplomats, military officials, and security experts to discuss and address pressing issues related to international security.
  • It was founded in 1963 as "Wehrkundetagung" (Defense Policy Seminar) and was later renamed the Munich Security Conference. It originated during the Cold War era as a platform for transatlantic dialogue and addressing security challenges.
  • The conference is held annually in Munich, Germany. Typically scheduled in February, the event spans several days and includes various sessions, panels, and discussions.
  • The MSC covers a wide range of topics related to global security, including geopolitical tensions, nuclear disarmament, terrorism, cyber threats, and regional conflicts. The agenda is dynamic and responds to current and emerging security challenges.


  • The primary objective of the Munich Security Conference is to provide a forum for high-level discussions on international security policy.
  • It aims to promote dialogue and cooperation among nations to address global security challenges and prevent conflicts.

Munich Security Report

  • The Munich Security Report is an annual publication associated with the conference.
  • It provides an overview of key security issues, analyzes global trends, and offers insights into the state of international security.


  • The Munich Security Conference is a prestigious and influential annual event that facilitates high-level discussions, diplomatic initiatives, and collaboration on critical issues affecting international security.


Q. Both India and Europe face challenges from rising powers like China. How can they leverage their strategic partnership to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape and promote a rules-based international order?

Answer Structure:

Introduce the topic by highlighting the importance of India-Europe relations in the context of China's rise and the changing global order.

Explain the main areas of convergence and divergence between India and Europe on China-related issues, such as trade, investment, connectivity, human rights, security and multilateralism.

Analyse the opportunities and challenges for enhancing their cooperation and coordination on these issues, and suggest some concrete measures or initiatives that they can take to leverage their partnership.

Conclude by summarising the main points and emphasizing the need for a rules-based international order that respects the sovereignty and interests of all countries.