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Movement of Cash and Freebies during Elections

28th March, 2024 Polity

Movement of Cash and Freebies during Elections

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  • The Model Code of Conduct (MCC) has been enforced nationwide since the announcement of Lok Sabha elections.
  • Law enforcement agencies are on high alert for the movement of cash, liquor, jewellery, and other freebies that could influence voters.

Model Code of Conduct: https://www.iasgyan.in/daily-current-affairs/model-code-of-conduct

Incident in Tamil Nadu and EC's Rules

  • A video of Tamil Nadu police seizing Rs 69,400 from tourists went viral on social media.
  • The incident underscored the Election Commission's (EC) stringent rules for carrying cash and items during elections.

Measures to Curb Money Power

  • The EC issues detailed instructions to police, Railways, airports, and other agencies to monitor cash, liquor, jewellery, drugs, and gifts.
  • Expenditure observers, static surveillance teams (SST), and flying squads are deployed for vigilance.
  • Flying squads include a Senior Executive Magistrate, police officer, videographer, and armed personnel.
  • They are equipped with vehicles, mobile phones, video cameras, and necessary documents.
  • Surveillance teams operate checkposts, changing locations frequently to maintain surprise.
  • Enforcement efforts are intensified in the final 72 hours before polling.

Rules for Carrying Cash and Items

  • Citizens are impacted by strict rules on cash carrying during elections.
  • CISF/police at airports are instructed to report cash over Rs. 10 lakh or more than 1 kg in bullion to the Income Tax Department.
  • The Income Tax Department verifies cash and bullion to prevent political affiliation.
  • Seizure is possible until verification is completed to prevent influence peddling.


Q. How does the monitoring of cash and freebies during elections ensure fair practices? Evaluate the measures implemented to curb money power and its impact on democracy.