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Mizoram quake zone caught between two geological faults

13th July, 2020 Geography


  • Regular occurring of the earthquakes in Mizoram.
  • Mizoram experienced at least eight moderate earthquakes between June 21 and July 9. The tremors ranged from 4.2 to 5.5 on the Richter scale.


  • Caught between two geological faults i.e., the Churachandpur Mao Fault and the Mat Fault.
  • The Churachandpur Mao Fault is named after two places in Manipur and runs north-south into Myanmar along the border of Champhai.
  • The Mat Fault runs northwest-southeast across Mizoram, beneath the river Mat near Serchhip.


  • Faults are discontinuities or cracks that are the result of differential motion within the earth’s crust.
  • Vertical or lateral slippage of the crust along the faults causes an earthquake.

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