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16th June, 2023 Environment

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  • Study of these geckos was published in the journal Salamandra.
  • This study was undertaken by biologists from Max Planck Institute for Biology, Germany and Mizoram University, India.
  • Various surveys were conducted to collected specimen which allowed to know the species’ population status.

Significance of Discovery for India

  • Encourage more efforts for discovery of unexplored biodiversity, specially reptiles, present in dense forests of northeast India.
  • Promote organized and systematic documentation of wildlife.


  • These are considered a part of Squamata, a group of largest order of raptiles consisting lizards, snakes and other related relatives.
  • These are carnivorous lizards which are found in every continent. Exception is Antarctica.
  • These are believed to be one of the earliest evolving reptiles, as their fossil record and preserved remains are appeared hundreds of millions of years ago.
  • For instance key characteristics of early geckos were evolved 100 million years ago. Some key characteristics are -
    • Adhesive pads on feet. With help of a network of microscopic hairs they have ability to climb most of the surfaces.
    • Tail acts as a fuel tanks to store fat.
    • They can regrow their tail if it is shed, it helps in distracting the predators
    • Ability to sea in dark
  • There are more than 1,200 species of gecko today, which is around 20% of all known lizards.

Mizoram parachute gecko

  • The Mizoram parachute gecko discovered is also known as Gekko mizoramensis.
  • Out of 1,200 species of gecko, it is one of those 14 known species of geckos which can fly.
  • These geckos use flaps of skin and webbed feet to form their flying surfaces.
  • These flaps also assist in breaking up the shape of these flying Geckos.
  • It also acts as a safety feature providing them the capability to a camouflage.
  • By using the phenomena of air resistance they push these flaps like parachute and travel safely between trees.
  • Evolution of this specie owes to Arakan Hill Range which led to its separation from G. popaensis, closest relative of Gecko.


  • Apart from India, they can also be found in
  • Nearby regions of Bangladesh.
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • and Cambodia


  • Increased access to forest due to various developmental activities.
  • Forest clearance.

Conservation status

  • As per IUCN – data deficient.
  • Insufficient data due to rare encounter and little knowledge.

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A lizard species, namely Mizoram parachute Gecko, is recently discovered in Mizoram India. Discuss the significance of discovery to the Biodiversity conservation efforts in India in general and NorthEast in particular. (150 words)