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MI-17 V5                                                 

10th December, 2021 Security and Defence

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The story so far: The helicopter that crashed killing Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat and others was an MI-17 V5, from Russia.

About MI-17 V5:

  • It is one of the latest versions of this Russian-made military transport helicopter available around the world.
  • It belongs to the MI-8/17 family of military helicopters.
  • It has a digital flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder on board to monitor flight parameters and cockpit conversations respectively.
  • The MI-17 V5 is one of the most modern modifications of the Mi-8/17 helicopter series of Russian origin.
  • The twin-engine, single-rotor-scheme helicopter with a tail rotor has an advanced performance design with a dolphin-type nose, an additional starboard sliding door and a portside widened sliding door.
  • The MI-17 V5 can carry equipment inside the cargo cabin or an external sling, drop tactical air assault teams, and carry the wounded.
  • The helicopter has the capability to land on unprepared sites at night and in adverse weather conditions.
  • The manufacturer, claims the helicopter has the ability to land on even on a single-engine configuration in an emergency.
  • The MI-17 V5 has a maximum speed of 250 km per hour and a cruise speed of 230 km per hour.
  • It can be used for both transport personnel and cargo, is the mainstay of the Indian Air Force’s medium-lift helicopter fleet.
  • Apart from India, it is used by the air forces of nearly 50 countries, including Russia and Iraq, and is also part of the erstwhile Afghan Air Force.