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5th November, 2020 Art & Culture

What is Mallakhamb?

  • Mallakhamb is one of the few games that is played against gravity.
  • It functions on a synergy of mind and body, employing every muscle in a way that enables a person to develop speed, stamina and better health.
  • The name derives from the pole used by wrestlers for practising their skills.
  • Mallakhamb has developed an identity that is separate from wrestling or kushti.
  • The word malla means a wrestler or an athlete in Sanskrit and Khamb or kham means a pole. Therefore, Mallakhamb has come to be known as wrestling against a pole.
  • There are two other Mallakhamb styles such as ‘rope mallakhamb’ and ‘hanging mallakhamb’.
  • The origin of this ancient Indian sport can be traced to earlier part of the 12th century.
  • A mention of wrestlers exercising on wooden poles is found in the Manasholas, written by Chalukya, in 1153 AD.
  • It was revived late in the 19th century by Balambhatta Dada Deodhar, physical instructor to Bajirao Peshwa II. He took great efforts to popularise this sport.