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24th June, 2023 International Relations

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  • Joint Statement issued by India and the United States.


Vision of the Partnership

  • Affirmed vision of India and the United States as among the closest partners in the world, a partnership of democracies looking into the 21st century with hope, ambition, and confidence.
  • Stated that no corner of human enterprise is untouched by the partnership between the two countries, which spans the seas to the stars.

Technology Partnership

Strengthening semiconductor supply chains:

  • Micron Technology to invest over $800 million in a new semiconductor assembly and test facility in India.
  • Applied Materials to build a Semiconductor Centre for Commercialization and Innovation in India.
  • Lam Research to train 60,000 Indian engineers to accelerate India's semiconductor education and workforce development goals.

Critical Minerals Partnership:

  • India joins the US-led Minerals Security Partnership (MSP) to develop diverse and sustainable critical energy minerals supply chains globally.
  • India's Epsilon Carbon Limited to invest $650 million in a greenfield electric vehicle battery component factory, the largest Indian investment in the US electric vehicle battery industry.

Advanced Telecommunications:

  • Public-private Joint Task Forces launched on the development and deployment of Open RAN systems and advanced telecoms research and development.
  • India's Bharat 6G and the US Next G Alliance will co-lead this effort to reduce costs, increase security, and improve resiliency of telecommunication networks.

NASA-ISRO collaboration in space:

  • India signs the Artemis Accords, joining 26 other countries committed to peaceful, sustainable, and transparent cooperation in space exploration.
  • NASA provides advanced training to ISRO astronauts with the goal of launching a joint effort to the International Space Station in 2024.
  • Developing a strategic framework for human spaceflight cooperation by the end of 2023.

Quantum, Advanced Computing, and Artificial Intelligence:

  • Joint Indo-US Quantum Coordination Mechanism established to facilitate joint research between the public and private sectors.
  • Signed implementing arrangement to support joint research on quantum, AI, and advanced wireless technologies.

Cutting-edge Research:

  • US National Science Foundation announces 35 joint research collaborations with India's Department of Science and Technology.
  • Signs cooperative arrangement with India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on emerging technologies.

Innovation Handshake:

  • US-India Commercial Dialogue launches the "Innovation Handshake" to connect the startup ecosystems of both countries.

Initiatives on Health

Fighting Cancer and Diabetes:

  • Collaboration between US and Indian scientists through grants to develop AI-enabled digital pathology platforms and AI-based automated radiotherapy treatment for cancers.
  • Agreement between US National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and the Indian Council of Medical Research to further research on diabetes.
  • US-India Cancer Dialogue to accelerate progress against cancer.

Fighting Terror and Drugs

  • Strong condemnation of terrorism and violent extremism in all forms and manifestations.
  • Call for concerted action against UN-listed terrorist groups.
  • Condemnation of cross-border terrorism and use of terrorist proxies.
  • Urged Pakistan to take immediate action against terrorist attacks.
  • Developing a bilateral counternarcotics framework to disrupt illicit drug production and trafficking.


Q) Discuss the significance of the India-United States Joint Statement in strengthening bilateral relations and its implications for global cooperation in technology, health, and security. (150 words)