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28th August, 2023 International Relations

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  • The G20 Culture Ministers’ Meeting ended after day-long deliberations following which a ministerial Outcome Document and Chair’s Summary — ’Kashi Culture Pathway’ was issued.


  • The ‘Kasi Cultural Cultural Pathway’ plan emerged from discussions among member countries on the implementation of decisions taken in the previous Rome and Bali Declarations.
  • The ‘Kasi Cultural Pathway’ focuses on restoring the glory of heritage structures and ensuring the return of cultural and heritage artifacts to countries from where they were taken by others.


  • Cultural heritage and its preservation can play a vital role in environment protection and our climate by ensuring continued preservation and propagation of such heritage, the world can also achieve sustainable development goals.
  • The propagation of cultural heritage in environmental protection to find ways and means to tackle climate-related challenges with the cooperation of G20 nations and other countries.


Q. What is Kasi Cultural Cultural Pathway? What is its role in the preservation and propagation of such heritage?