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6th March, 2023 Environment

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Context: After 89 years, frog endemic to the higher altitudes of Western Ghats ‘rediscovered’.


  • The Jerdon’s narrow-mouthed frog (Uperodon montanus) could once be spotted leaping over slippery pebbles or peeping from behind rocks in the shallows of streams in the upper reaches of the Western Ghats.


  • The frogs have a longish snout, which gives it its name, and shiny brown skin with darker brown, red and golden spots on the back and head.
  • They are found in rock pools or tree holes filled with rainwater.
  • This frog is considered a montane species and is restricted to higher altitude ranges of 800-1,700 metres.
  • They are distributed from near Wayanad south across the Palghat and the Shencottah gaps to the Agasthyamalai hills.
  • It is classified as ‘Near Threatened’ in the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species.
  • Its tadpoles are free-swimming and exotrophic, which means they feed on other species.


Q) Which of the following statements is/are correct with reference to Jerdon’s narrow-mouthed frog?

a.    This frog is considered a montane species.

b.    It is classified as ‘Near Threatened’ in the IUCN list.

  1. Only a
  2. Only b
  3. Both a and b
  4. Neither a nor b

Answer: Option III