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24th May, 2023 MISCELLANEOUS

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Context: The prestigious International Booker Prize 2023 has been awarded to Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov and translator Angela Rodel for their novel 'Time Shelter'.


  • The novel, which was first published in Bulgarian in 2020, is a witty and inventive exploration of the human obsession with the past and the future, and the consequences of trying to escape the present.
  • The novel follows a diverse cast of characters who seek refuge in a mysterious underground facility called Time Shelter, where they can relive their memories or project themselves into different scenarios.
    • Some of them are fleeing from personal traumas, others are looking for a better version of themselves, and some are just curious about the possibilities of time travel. However, as they soon discover, Time Shelter is not a haven, but a trap that exposes their deepest fears and desires.
  • Gospodinov and Rodel will share the £50,000 prize money, which is awarded annually to a book translated into English and published in the UK or Ireland.

 International Booker Prize

  • The International Booker Prize (formerly known as the Man Booker International Prize) is a literary award given out in the United Kingdom.
  • The award has been granted yearly to a single book that has been translated into English and published in the United Kingdom or Ireland, with the winning title receiving a £50,000 prize that is split equally between the author and translator.