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Integrated theatre commands next step in defence reforms: Army Chief

23rd October, 2020 Security

Context: The next step in defence reforms after the appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) would be the formation of integrated theatre commands.

  • This process would be “deliberate, thoughtful and well considered.”
  • Appointment of the CDS and the creation of the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) was “a momentous one” and that the services needed to “demonstrate great wisdom and statesmanship in enabling the CDS, a long standing demand of the armed forces.
  • Formation of Integrated Theatre Commands will synergise the capabilities and combat potential of the three Services during war and peace,”

Integrated theatre commands

  • Shekatkar Committee constituted by the ministry of defence also backed the demand for integrated theatre command. Integration seeks to merge the individual service identities to achieve the composite whole, which implies placing all the three services under one commander to execute an operational plan.
  • It aims to cut down the response time during the critical situation of operation as in integration resources of all the three forces are already allocated to the appropriate commander.
  • The Andaman and Nicobar Command is the first and only tri-service theater command of the Indian Armed Forces, based at Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a Union Territory of India.