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India’s Rafale fighter jets: Here’s everything from speed to weapon capabilities

30th July, 2020 Editorial


  • Rafale has landed in Ambala.
  • It has taken the squadron strength to 31.


  • The state-of-the-art 4.5 Generation Rafale jet can reach almost double the speed of sound with a top speed of 1.8 Mach.
  • It has multi-role capabilities, including electronic warfare, air defence, ground support and in-depth strikes.


  • The Rafale is combat proven, have been used by the French Air Force for its missions in Afghanistan, Libya and Mali.
  • It has also been used for missions in Central African Republic, Iraq and Syria.
  • Rafale can also carry more fuel and weapons than the J20.
  • The jets come with one of the most advanced Meteor air-to-air missiles.
  • The 190-kg missile has a Beyond Visual Range (BVR) of over 100 km, traveling at a top speed of Mach 4.
  • The F16 jets, used by Pakistan, carry the AMRAAM missile, which has a BVR of 75 km.
  • Rafale can also outperform F16 in dogfights.
  • The Rafale jets also come with SCALP, the air-to-ground cruise missile with a range over 300 km. It is a long-range deep strike missile.

Other Demands:

  • India has also asked for HAMMER (Highly Agile and Maneuverable Munitions Extended Range), which is an air-to-ground precision guided missile produced by French conglomerate Safran, and can be used against bunker-type hardened targets within the range of 70 km.