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1st March, 2024 International News


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Context: Prime Ministers of India and Mauritius jointly inaugurated infrastructure projects in Agalega, Mauritius, strengthening bilateral development partnership, connectivity, maritime security, and socio-economic growth.

Key Highlights

Development Partnership

  • The projects' inauguration underscores the developmental collaboration between India and Mauritius, aiming to enhance connectivity, strengthen maritime security, and foster socio-economic development. The leaders inaugurated these projects via video conferencing, showcasing the utilization of technology for such events.

India's Support

  • The Prime Minister highlighted India's commitment to being the first responder to Mauritius and acknowledged the historical and cultural ties between the two nations.
  • The emphasis was placed on India's support during crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and oil spills, and the positive impact of Indian developmental contributions based on Mauritius's priorities.

Neighborhood First Policy

  • Mauritius was praised as a valued friend and important partner under India's 'Neighborhood First Policy' and Vision SAGAR.
  • The Prime Minister reiterated the shared priorities as members of the Global South and noted the unprecedented momentum in bilateral relations over the last decade.

Development Contributions

  • India's substantial financial support and developmental contributions to Mauritius were highlighted, including a credit line of 1,000 million US dollars and 400 million US dollars worth of assistance over the last 10 years.
  • The projects mentioned ranged from metro rail lines to community development projects, social housing, and healthcare infrastructure.

Connectivity and Ease of Living

  • The projects' inauguration is expected to improve connectivity between the northern and southern parts of Mauritius, enhance administrative connections with the mainland, and contribute to ease of living. The Prime Minister emphasized the positive change these initiatives will bring to the people of Agalega.

Maritime Security

  • Recognizing traditional and non-traditional challenges in the Indian Ocean Region, the leaders highlighted India and Mauritius as natural partners in maritime security. Cooperation in areas like monitoring of Exclusive Economic Zone, joint patrolling, hydrography, and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief was emphasized.

Jan Aushadhi Initiative

  • Mauritius was lauded for becoming the first country to join India's Jan Aushadhi initiative, which allows the sourcing of high-quality medicines. This initiative is expected to benefit the people of Mauritius by providing better quality Made-in-India generic medicines.

About India-Mauritius Relations

Key Points


Historical Ties

Indian presence in Mauritius since the 1730s: Initially as artisans and labourers brought by the French from their Indian colonies.

Large-scale migration of indentured labourers from India (1834-1920s) after the abolition of slavery:  Mostly from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, these labourers significantly shaped Mauritian society.

Shared colonial history under French and British rule: Both nations gained independence in the mid-20th century, adding a layer of common experience.


Indo-Mauritians form about 70% of the population: This creates a unique cultural landscape with deep roots in India.

Shared cultural heritage: Many Indo-Mauritians maintain traditions, festivals, and languages (Hindi, Bhojpuri) from their ancestral homeland.

Political Relations

Diplomatic relations established in 1948 (before Mauritius' independence): Indicate India's early recognition and support for Mauritian sovereignty.

Frequent high-level visits and exchanges: Demonstrates continuous engagement and commitment to strengthening the partnership.

Shared views on international forums: Builds cooperation on issues like climate change, sustainable development, and multilateralism.

Close cooperation on regional security, and maritime issues (Indian Ocean): Highlights India's recognition of Mauritius as a key Indian Ocean partner for ensuring security and stability.

Economic Cooperation

India is one of Mauritius' largest trading partners: However, the trade balance is heavily in India's favor.

Major Indian exports: petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and other manufactured goods. This reflects India's growing manufacturing sector and Mauritius's reliance on imports.

Mauritius as a significant source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into India: Often through routing investments due to the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA).

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) in place, though sometimes subject to scrutiny: The DTAA is aimed at preventing double taxation but has raised concerns about potential misuse for tax avoidance.

Development Cooperation

India extends Lines of Credit, grants, and technical assistance to Mauritius: Focus on infrastructure, healthcare, and education.

Key Indian-supported projects in Mauritius: Metro Express, New Supreme Court building, New ENT hospital, social housing projects.

Capacity-building programs and scholarships for Mauritian students: Enhances Mauritian human capital and strengthens ties.

Defense & Security

Regular joint naval exercises and training: Improves interoperability and readiness.

Mauritius is a key partner in India's maritime security strategy: India sees Mauritius as crucial for securing its interests in the Indian Ocean.

Cooperation on anti-piracy, disaster relief: Addresses shared regional security challenges.

India has gifted patrol vessels to Mauritius: Strengthens Mauritius' maritime capabilities.

Cultural & Educational

Vibrant Indian Cultural Centre in Mauritius: Promotes Indian culture and heritage.

Promotion of Hindi/Bhojpuri: Preserves linguistic connections.

Festivals & events: Reinforces shared traditions.

Exchange programs: Promotes understanding among youth.


  • India and Mauritius share a deep, historical bond rooted in shared ancestry and cultural exchange. Their relationship is characterized by robust economic ties, strategic cooperation, and a commitment to mutual development. The two nations continue to collaborate on a wide range of issues, solidifying their strong partnership. This special relationship serves as a model for regional cooperation in the Indian Ocean.

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