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India and E.U. push trade talks; discuss China, Pakistan and the corona virus pandemic

16th July, 2020 International News


  • Video Conferencing between India and EU.

Government Comment:

  • Committed to a framework for strategic cooperation until 2025.
  • Vowed to cooperate on their response to the corona virus pandemic, and at the United Nations Security Council.
  • Announced a “high level dialogue” to revive the trade talks.
  • Continue a dialogue on human rights in order to exchange best practices and have the best understanding on how to tackle this issue for India and the E.U.

Discussion took place over:

  • India’s tensions with China at the Line of Actual Control,
  • The situation with Iran,
  • Concerns over cross border terrorism from Pakistan.

EU raised concern:

  • Over the situation in Jammu and Kashmir
  • On the Citizenship Amendment Act.

India-EU relations:

  • Natural Partners
  • Partnership is important for global peace and security
  • Shared “universal values” of democracy, pluralism, inclusivity, respect for international institutions and multilateralism.
  • EU is India’s largest trading partner, while India is the E.U.’s ninth biggest trading partner.


  • Issued a joint political statement,
  • A five-year roadmap for the India-E.U. strategic partnership,
  • A civil nuclear research and development cooperation agreement between EURATOM and the Department of Atomic Energy,
  • A declaration on “resource efficiency and circular economy” to exchange best practices in range of areas
  • The renewal of their science and technology agreement for another five years.

Issues in relations between EU and India:

  • Not granting data secure status to India
  • Presence of non-tariff measures on Indian agricultural products in terms of sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
  • EU seeks reductions in the taxes on wines and spirits.
  • EU seeks reductions on the taxes on automobiles : Not acceptable to India.
  • India has cancelled the Bilateral trade treaty agreement with individual countries as it seeks a more favourable treaty.

About the European Union:

  • Club of 28 countries.
  • Official Currency: EURO
  • 19 use EURO as currency while other 9 do not use it.
  • Has an integrated market with standardised rules of customs and taxation.
  • Travel without passport restriction within the EU countries.

Reference: https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/india-and-eu-push-trade-talks-discuss-china-pakistan-and-the-coronavirus-pandemic/article32092238.ece