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Ibu Volcano

9th December, 2023 Geography

Ibu Volcano

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  • The Ibu volcano in Indonesia’s North Maluku province erupted on Tuesday, prompting authorities to warn locals and tourists to stay away from the area.

About Ibu Volcano

  • It is a stratovolcano in the Maluku region of East Indonesia.
  • It is one of Indonesia's most remote and inaccessible volcanoes.
  • It reaches a height of 1,377 meters above sea level.

What is a stratovolcano?

  • A stratovolcano is a type of volcano that is tall, steep, and cone-shaped.
  • They have taller peaks than flat-shield volcanoes. Stratovolcanoes typically feature a tiny crater at their summit.
  • During relative inactivity, the crater may be filled with water or ice, or it may contain a volcanic dome.
  • Stratovolcanoes account for most of the Earth's volcanoes (60%) and are typified by eruptions of andesite and dacite, which are colder and denser than basalt.
  • These more viscous lavas allow for large gas pressures to develop up. As a result, these volcanoes frequently have violent eruptions.
  • They are frequently half lava and half pyroclastic debris, and the layering of these products lends them their other popular name of composite volcanoes.


What is a stratovolcano, and how does it differ from other types of volcanoes? Discuss its characteristics and provide an example of a well-known stratovolcano.