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22nd February, 2024 International News


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Context: India's contribution of 1 million US Dollars to the Poverty and Hunger Alleviation Fund, established by the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) grouping, reflects a commitment to addressing global challenges.

About India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) forum




What is IBSA?

A trilateral forum bringing together India, Brazil, and South Africa.

Established in 2003, with roots in earlier interactions and shared interests.

No formal secretariat or headquarters. Rotating leadership between member states.


Promote South-South cooperation, advance developing countries' interests, and address global challenges.

South-South cooperation: Sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources between developing countries.

Global advocacy: Promoting developing countries' voices in international forums and negotiations.

Addressing challenges: Collaborating on issues like poverty, hunger, climate change, and sustainable development.

Key areas of cooperation

Trade and investment, agriculture, poverty reduction, healthcare, education, science and technology, peace and security, climate change.

Trade and investment: Increasing trade and investment flows among member states.

Agriculture: Sharing best practices and technologies to enhance food security.

Poverty reduction: Implementing joint projects to address poverty and inequality.

Healthcare: Collaborating on research, development, and access to essential medicines.

Education: Promoting knowledge exchange and capacity building.

Science and technology: Fostering joint research and development initiatives.

Peace and security: Contributing to international peace and security efforts.

Climate change: Addressing climate change through mitigation and adaptation strategies.


Established in 2004 to support development projects in other developing countries.

Supports replicable and scalable projects aligned with national priorities and international development goals.

Funded by contributions from member states.


Limited trade and investment between member states, differing national priorities, need for greater visibility and impact.

Trade between members remains below potential due to tariff barriers and logistical constraints.

Differing national priorities can sometimes hinder joint initiatives.

IBSA needs to increase its visibility and concrete achievements to gain wider recognition.

Future outlook

IBSA remains relevant as a platform for South-South cooperation but needs to address challenges.

Adapting to the changing global landscape and evolving needs of developing countries.

Enhancing trade and investment linkages between members.

Increasing visibility and impact of IBSA initiatives.

Strengthening partnerships with other developing countries and international organizations.


  • The IBSA Dialogue Forum reflects a commitment to South-South cooperation and collaboration on a range of global challenges. It plays a significant role in the foreign policies of India, Brazil, and South Africa, contributing to mutual understanding and development initiatives.

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Q. Balancing the diverse priorities and national interests of India, Brazil, and South Africa can be challenging. How can the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) navigate internal disagreements and ensure all members equally benefit from the forum's activities?

Answer Structure:

1.Briefly introduce the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) forum and its significance in fostering cooperation among diverse nations. Highlight the challenge of balancing diverse priorities and national interests among member countries.

2.Discuss national interests and priorities, such as economic growth, poverty alleviation, and strategic partnerships,

3.Emphasize the importance of open communication channels. Regular diplomatic dialogues can facilitate understanding and resolution of disagreements.

4.Propose the identification of common goals that align with the overarching objectives of the IBSA forum. This helps in finding shared ground despite differing priorities

5.Suggest the creation of effective mediation mechanisms within the forum to address disputes. This ensures that disagreements don't escalate and are resolved amicably.

6.Discuss the need for flexibility in decision-making processes, allowing each member to contribute based on their strengths and priorities.

7.Summarize the key points discussed. Emphasize the importance of effective mechanisms in navigating internal disagreements and ensuring that all members equally benefit from the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) forum's activities.