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Good Governance Index      

28th December, 2021 Polity

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  • Good Governance Index 2021 was launched on the occasion of the Good Governance Day (December 25).


About Good Governance Index:

  • The Good Governance Index 2021 has covered 10 sectors and 58 indicators. 
  • The sectors are agriculture and allied sectors, commerce and industries, human resource development, public health, public infrastructure and utilities, economic governance, social welfare and development, judicial and public security, environment and citizen-centric governance.



  • GGI is a comprehensive and implementable framework that helps in assessing the status of governance across states and Union Territories, and enables ranking of states or districts. 
  • GGI is prepared with the objective of creating a tool, which can be used uniformly across the States & UTs to assess the impact of several interventions taken up by the Central and State Governments.
  • It enables them to formulate and implement suitable strategies for improving governance and shift to result oriented approaches and administration.


Meaning of Good Governance:

  • It is the process of measuring how public institution conduct public affairs and manage public resources and guarantee the realization of human rights in a manner essentially free of abuse and corruption and with due regard for the rule of law.

Calculation of the index:

  • The states and UTs are divided into three groups:
    • Big States,
    • North-East & Hill States and
    • UTs
  • The states and UTs are ranked on all indicators separately, at the same time composite ranking is also calculated for these states and UTs under their respective groups based upon these indicators.


Finding of the Index:

  • Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa top the composite rank score covering 10 sectors.GGI 2021 says that Gujarat registered 12.3 percent increase and Goa registered 24.7 percent increase over GGI 2019 indicators.
  • Rajasthan has topped the Other States (Group B) category in Judiciary and Public Safety, Environment & Citizen Centric Governance.
  • GGI 2021 says that in the North-East and Hill States category, Mizoram and Jammu and Kashmir have registered an overall increase of 10.4% and 3.7% respectively over GGI 2019.
  • In the UTs category, Delhi tops the composite rank registering a 14 percent increase over the GGI 2019 indicators.